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Lead Generation via the Internet – What’s best for your business?

Posted June 2, 2014

Very few businesses today rely solely on offline advertising to bring in new leads, which is where internet marketing comes in.¬† With the internet providing an easy way for customers to find what they need it’s important to have a solid web presence and build awareness of your brand whether this be on a national basis or within your local area.

The problem though, is that the internet is a huge area with many different options, so here are a few internet marketing platforms with pros and cons of each and information on which might suit the needs of your business.

Pay Per Click Advertising


With pay per click advertising (known as PPC), you pay everytime someone clicks on your websites advert within the search engines. Depending on the amount of people ‘bidding’ for the click can depend on the amount you will be charged per click. This can become very complex since you can bid for different areas, different hours of the day and different demographics based on information captured by the searcher. A PPC campaign is often run by a specialist who will know how best to optimise this in order to save the most money and tailor the ongoing campaign to bring in the best kinds of leads.


  • ¬†Target a specific area and keywords with minimal changes to your website
  • Get leads via guaranteed traffic
  • Effective for seasonal work and one off promotions


  • Cost per click can be high in competitive niches
  • Volume and quality of the leads can vary

Businesses that benefit from PPC

  • Those with higher profit margins or in less competitive niches
  • Where only a few leads a month are required
  • Those who require quick results
  • Those that sell seasonally or have regular promotions

A PPC campaign can also be included with an SEO or Social Media campaign depending on the amount of leads required.

Search Engine Optimisation


SEO is performed by specialists with the view to make your website visible on search engines such as Google for keywords relating to your business and the area you serve. Whilst nothing is guaranteed in SEO it can often be a very cost effective way of bringing in leads to your website and then converting them into sales. It’s common practice to hire a specialist to work regularly with your site to increase it’s position within the search results, slowly increasing the traffic to your website and therefore enquiries.


  • Cost effective in the long term.
  • Large traffic volumes from searches.
  • Target areas and specific terms related to your business.
  • Fixed monthly cost.


  • SEO campaigns can take several months to provide a ROI.
  • Nothing is guaranteed in SEO as search engines are a third party product.
  • A good optimisation requires certain on-site criteria to be met.

Businesses that benefit from SEO

  • Those that require sustainable high traffic volumes in the long term.
  • Those who cover a certain area and specialise in a particular field.
  • Those who already have a registered website or are not in a competitive niche.

Whilst search engine optimisation can take a while to become effective, the return can be impressive. An SEO campaign can be combined with a PPC campaign in order to maximise lead generation, the advantages of combining the two packages are that you can see results from PPC quickly and understand what kind of return you can expect from organic traffic (clicks not paid for generated via SEO)

Social Media Marketing: Facebook


Today social media plays a huge part in our daily lives and offers a very different approach to traditional marketing, through Facebook you can target a specific audience that are likely to be interested in your product or services. Using targeted ads we can encourage people to visit your website or build up an audience. Dependant on your goals you can keep your customers up to date with your latest products and/or services, giving you a constant platform for self promotion.


  • Target a very niche audience via interests and demographics.
  • High volume of impressions per add.
  • Grow an audience for future promotions.


  • Viewers of your adds may not always be in need of your services.
  • Facebook leads often require more customer interaction in order to lead to a sale.

Businesses that benefit from Facebook

  • Those that provide new products and services reguarly
  • Business to Consumers that have interesting content to share
  • Those that have a very niche target audience