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Responsive Web Designers in Leicester

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive design ensures that a website is built in a way that will provide the best user experience when viewed on any device or screen resolution. By using media queries a web developer can arrange the layout so that it fits to the screen it is being viewed on or make parts of the content visible or hidden dependant on the device. The below shows a simple layout adapting across devices.

Our expert responsive web designers based in Leicester produce high quality mobile friendly website and work to your websites specific layout to ensure that the website is optimised for the best user experience possible.

Desktop Layout Responsive
Device Layout Responsive

Resize your window to see the layout change to adapt to your screen size

The Advantages of Responsive Design

Responsive design is proven to increase conversion rates on sites with large traffic volumes, without responsive design there becomes excess scrolling which can provide frustration for some users.

Responsive Zoom Out Non-Responsive Design Zoomed Out
Responsive Zoom In Non-Responsive Design Zoomed In
Responsive Layout Responsive Design Layout on Mobile

Is Your Website Responsive?

Please type in the address of your website below to see the layout on a mobile device.

Above Shows When Zoomed In

Responsive Design Vs Mobile Website

An alternative to responsive web design is to have a seperate mobile website which users are directed to after their device has been detected. Generally this is a less effective technique but can have some advantages. The differences are outlined below.

Responsive Mobile Website
Website Address Responsive: Stays the Same - yoursite.com Mobile Website: Redirects to m.yoursite.com
Layout Responsive: One Design Adapts To Fit Screen Mobile Website: 2 Unique Designs, Mobile & Desktop
Tablet Devices Responsive: Layout Adapts to Device Size Mobile Website: Uses the Desktop Design (does not adapt)
SEO Responsive: Best SEO Practice Mobile Website: Additional SEO is Required